Archeage: Several Ways To Eliminate The Sin Value (3)

Task Two: Dock Unloading Work (East land can complete)
In the same position as the task 1, the task can be picked up at place whick has a small sword mark.
Mission require u to move the Calio Family’s goods into No.5 Point, move it for 3 times that’s ok.
This task can reduce 20 points criminal recore value in <Archeage>.
Task Three: Do Not Forget The Beginning Heart of Practice (the East and West land can complete)
A sword mark on the chessboard Stone Forest tribe can take the task.
The task is going to 3 No. 7 Point use the token to NPC, after the completion can reduce 30 points criminal recore value in <Archeage>.

Archeage: Several Ways To Eliminate The Sin Value (2)

Way Two: Regret Medicine
In the mall, you can use 250 Lulu currency to exchange a bottle regret medicine, a bottle can reduce 100 points of criminal record value.
I don’t want to have the criminal record value in <Archeage>!!
But regret medicine is very expensive to buy, buy it with caution!
Way Three: the task of cleaning the sins
In the East and the West land also have the task of cleaning the sin value, the following is a detailed introduction to the task.
Task One: Remove Site Waste (East mainland players in <Archeage> can complete)
The sword mark at the Ostra Port, you can take this task.
Mission require the players to go to the suburbs to dig 15 waste, it is easy to complete.
This task can reduce 20 points criminal recore value.

Archeage: Several Ways To Eliminate The Sin Value (1)

A lot of players in the experience of the <Archeage>. They forced to attack somebody and were judged into the prison after they attack. So with the times you were sent to the prison increase, the people’s information in the record the sin value is getting higher and higher, a lot of players don’t know how to lower the previous record. So today, I’ll sort out several ways to lower your Sin value.
Way One: No Guilty
In the course of the trial, if the jury give u “no guilty” at the same time, the guilty value and the criminal record value at the same time cleared to 0 ponit in <Archeage>.

Archeage:The siege version launched in November.

during the TGC held period, the <Archeage> fully new siege version will also be launched in the recent days. The <Archeage> November version will have a large changes. In the Grand and large world view of <Archeage>, It will have the siege upgrading play ways. Players will open up their new territory on the new land. It’s totally different from the original siege gameplay. The latest version of the siege launched will add more new elements.  To make the fight rhythm more compact and fight details more excellent. In addition, at the moment of the new version launched, there will also be a lot of version activities in the <Archeage>. The reward is huge, so please look forward to it.

Archeage: The Eight Interest Groups Are Happy Are Busy Now.

TGC as the large game festival of Tencent Game once a year, for the game player this year will bring what kind of surprise? Outside the continuation of the 2014 TGC exciting and fantastic content, this year in the field of mobile gaming has increased more products and the booth and stage experience. Also added the fully new content included house dance, animation, Carnival summit and other new <Archeage> content. 2015 TGC will be divided into different interest groups and invite the players all over the country to attend this huge ceremony. Love eSports? Love welfare? Love two dimensional space? Love the young sister? Love star? Love new game? Your want to see the players give you some tips? Would like to get a job based on your interest? So come on TGC, it will meet all the needs of the <Archeage> players.

Archeage: The Task System Let You Know The World View

In the Archeage, the task of the game is mainly divided into three parts, main quest, side quest and characteristic task. The main quest is to explain the main task of the game players, promote the development of the story in the game and tell the players about one and one wonderful storys. Side quest is mainly related to the surrounding environment and the reaction to NPC. The characteristic task includes living and epic tasks. The living tasks are related to the game living and production function ; the epic tasks are related to legend of the history’s  famous heroes and family.

Archeage: Bring You To Know The Production Team

Archeage game leader Song Zaijing is the number 1 producer of South Korean online game. He  is known as one of the four leader in the South Korean online game field. He is one of the founders of NEXON and NCSOFT. His representatives are <Heaven>, <Heaven 2> ect..
Archeage game art director Yin Longji has over 15 years’ internation experience in North America. His representatives are movie <Titanic>, <The Truman Show>, game <Final Fantasy>, <X-man 2> ect..
Archeage game development team members come frome every famous online game companies. The core members have over 300 people. They have taken part of many popular games’ plan and producing. They get the rich global researching experience.
Archeage story maker Quan Mingxi, the queen of online game literature. The most famous beauty fantasy novelist which representatives are <he stone of time> and <the necklace of angel> ect.. She has designed the <Archeage>’s world view and story by herself.