Archeage: Bring You To Know The Production Team

Archeage game leader Song Zaijing is the number 1 producer of South Korean online game. HeĀ  is known as one of the four leader in the South Korean online game field. He is one of the founders of NEXON and NCSOFT. His representatives are <Heaven>, <Heaven 2> ect..
Archeage game art director Yin Longji has over 15 years’ internation experience in North America. His representatives are movie <Titanic>, <The Truman Show>, game <Final Fantasy>, <X-man 2> ect..
Archeage game development team members come frome every famous online game companies. The core members have over 300 people. They have taken part of many popular games’ plan and producing. They get the rich global researching experience.
Archeage story maker Quan Mingxi, the queen of online game literature. The most famous beauty fantasy novelist which representatives are <he stone of time> and <the necklace of angel> ect.. She has designed the <Archeage>’s world view and story by herself.