Archeage: The Eight Interest Groups Are Happy Are Busy Now.

TGC as the large game festival of Tencent Game once a year, for the game player this year will bring what kind of surprise? Outside the continuation of the 2014 TGC exciting and fantastic content, this year in the field of mobile gaming has increased more products and the booth and stage experience. Also added the fully new content included house dance, animation, Carnival summit and other new <Archeage> content. 2015 TGC will be divided into different interest groups and invite the players all over the country to attend this huge ceremony. Love eSports? Love welfare? Love two dimensional space? Love the young sister? Love star? Love new game? Your want to see the players give you some tips? Would like to get a job based on your interest? So come on TGC, it will meet all the needs of the <Archeage> players.