Archeage: Several Ways To Eliminate The Sin Value (2)

Way Two: Regret Medicine
In the mall, you can use 250 Lulu currency to exchange a bottle regret medicine, a bottle can reduce 100 points of criminal record value.
I don’t want to have the criminal record value in <Archeage>!!
But regret medicine is very expensive to buy, buy it with caution!
Way Three: the task of cleaning the sins
In the East and the West land also have the task of cleaning the sin value, the following is a detailed introduction to the task.
Task One: Remove Site Waste (East mainland players in <Archeage> can complete)
The sword mark at the Ostra Port, you can take this task.
Mission require the players to go to the suburbs to dig 15 waste, it is easy to complete.
This task can reduce 20 points criminal recore value.